January 11, 2018

 Welcome To 2018!!!

Weekly Meeting, January 11

     Second Thursday, so we will not have a guest speaker.  We will have highlights from the Board of Directors meeting.  Also, we hope to discuss some ways that members, especially members  new  to Kiwanis  can  become more engaged in the Kiwanis  “S&L” experience.

   So plan to be present  to enjoy  food ( dutch treat of course),and  good Kiwanis conversation.


NEXT Thursday,  January 18—

    Our guest speaker will be   Dr.   Jim Masters  who  will talk with us about “Educational Initiatives In FCS”. This is a topic  in which all  Kiwanians should find interesting  as we seek ways to work in partnership with Franklin County Schools (FCS).


Thursday, January 25: No meeting at the Office Pub & Deli. Members are encouraged to attend the annual “Red Cross Bean Soup Lunch” at the VFW. Cost is $5.00.

     Money raised will be used to provide local disaster aid by the Red Cross.


Board Of Directors  Meeting Jan.10

     The January Board of Directors meeting   be held Wednesday, January 10, at 11:00 a.m. at the  Capital City Activity Center.  The meeting was originally scheduled for Wednesday January 3, but was changed due to extreme  cold .


Kiwanis Club of Frankfort

Serving & Leading Since 1935


 Of Kiwanis International

 Basic  Guidelines For Doing

What We Do As Kiwanians


     TO  GIVE primacy to the human and spiritual, rather than to the material values of life.

     TO ENCOURAGE  the daily living of the Golden Rule in all human relationships.

    TO  PROMOTE the adoption and the application of higher, social, business and professional standards.

       TO DEVELOP, by. precept and example, a more intelligent, aggressive and serviceable citizenship.

     TO PROVIDE, through Kiwanis clubs, a practical  means to form enduring friendships, to render altruistic service, and to build communities.

     TO COOPERATE in creating and maintaining sound public opinion and high idealism which make possible the increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will.





Love  it!    Share it!    Live it!















Board Meeting:  The January 3 meeting of the Board of Directors has been postponed and rescheduled for Wednesday, January 10, 11:00 a.m. at the Capital City Activity Center.


 December 28, 2017

Weekly Meeting,

Thursday. December 28

    After two meetings without a speaker, we will have a guest speaker this week: Dr. Matt Thomas.

    Dr. Thomas is a fish biologist with the Kentucky Department  of Fish & Wildlife.   He  is the son of our Club Secretary, Randall Thomas.

    Plan to be present  for an informative presentation on the exciting and  unique   research underway at Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.


Opening Prayer:  Amzie Wenning.


And, mentioning meetings when we had no speaker, we thank Jennifer Mullins and Lucille Troutman for the  enjoyable program they had last Thursday  featuring questions about Kiwanis.

 Wasn’t it great to hear  all the members responding  with the  correct answers!.( And thanks for the nice prizes Lucille and Jennifer provided  those with winning answers)

      A fun way to remind ourselves about Kiwanis, and  in some cases, to learn something new  about our Club.


Board Of Directors Meeting  January 3

     The January Board of Directors meeting  will be held Wednesday, January 3, at 11:00 a.m. at the  Capital City Activity Center. Officers, Directors and committee chairs having items for the agenda are asked to get their  information to Secretary Randall Thomas as soon as possible.


Kiwanis Club of Frankfort

Serving & Leading Since 1935

2017 Ends With A Busy December For Club Volunteers

    Yes, December was a busy one for members of  the  Kiwanis Club of  Frankfort.

     The month began in a big way with Kiwanis being asked to provide volunteers  to assist with the renewal of the Frankfort Christmas Parade by Cap City Radio on December 8.  It was a huge success!

     On Saturday, December 9, Ed  Wright  invited  members to join him for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, something  he has done for a number of years.

      Two elementary schools, Hearn and West Ridge, held  Christmas festivals at which Kiwanis members helped serve food and drinks. New member FCS Superintendent Mark Kopp helped  serve pancakes prepared and cooked by the Kiwanis grill team.

     On December 19, Kiwanis  volunteers were on hand at the Capital City Activity Center(many with items of food to  stuff a Subaru Crosstrek) and to help serve  Christmas lunch  at the Center.

     It is to be noted that several Kiwanians rang the bell for the Salvation Army in December in addition to our Club’s ringing in November.

    Thanks all the members who made these service projects  so  successful!

     As noted in last week’s Capital Kiwanian, December 31 marks the end of the first quarter of our 2017-18 Kiwanis year. Let’s work together to build upon our successes  of this past quarter, as we look forward to Martin Luther King Day in January…Celebrity Roast in February…Kids Fest in March,,,Longest Day of Play in June…Back to School Bash & Splash  in July and   many other service opportunities along the way!!!  

 December 21, 2017

Thursday. December 21

Pre Christmas Meeting

     No Speaker---Thursday will be a day for fun and fellowship.  The “program” will feature some Kiwanis trivia with prizes for  those  with the most Kiwanians knowledge.

     Come and be present for the fun.  Christmas is a wonderful time of year, a time when  the objects  and values of Kiwanis are reflected  by the Season of Advent.


 Next Thursday, December 28...

   We will have a speaker:   Matt Thomas,  a fish biologist with the Kentucky Department  of Fish & Wildlife.  Dr. Thomas is the son of our Club Secretary, Randall Thomas.

    Plan to be present  for an informative presentation on research underway at Kentucky’s Department of Fish and Wildlife.


One Fourth (1/4) Of 2017-18 Year?

     Yes, fellow Kiwanians, the end of December  marks the end of the first quarter of the 2017-2018 Kiwanis administrative year. One fourth  of this  Kiwanis year that began on October 1 will have been completed on December 31.

      When measured in terms of service projects, membership growth and growth in the number of new members involved in Club activities, it has been a good quarter. Also,  more new members are responding  when  calls for volunteers are issued.  And that is good!

     But beyond the individual  satisfaction we each get from doing service, we need to remember  that “Together We Can Do More.”

That’s what makes Kiwanis so  great!


New Club Project


Partners and Literacy Program

     At the December 6 meeting of the Board of Directors, Club  member Pat Riley presented information on a project with which he had worked as a member of the Paducah Kiwanis Club. The project was PAL ( Partners and Literacy Support).

     Under the program, each Kiwanis volunteer is matched with an individual  student  with whom he or she will meet for one hour every week or every two week The session will include a reading  time and lunch breakfast or lunch.

    Sessions will take place in the classroom under a teacher’s direction, including the meal in the cafeteria.

     A  sign up sheet was circulated at a  previous Thursday meeting, but volunteers are still needed for this exciting   and unique program. Please talk with Pat if you  are interested in volunteering in this new opportunity to work with elementary students in Franklin County schools.


Kiwanians At School Festivals…

    Thanks to Warner Caines, Brandon Cheek, Tommy Haynes, Chuck Fletcher, Roy McCall and Steve Waddle for  helping serve at  Hearn  Elementary School’s Festival last Thursday evening…AND  those cooking and serving pancakes at  the West Ridge School Festival Saturday morning: Warner, Tommy, Chuck  and Roy along with  Brandon Cheek, Fred Chumbler, Matt Knopp, Cathy Lindsey, Pat

 December 14, 2017


head In April...will be:nes.


December 14 Weekly Meeting:

     No Speaker---because of it being the  “Second Thursday” which we dedicate to Club business.  We do this so that we can have sufficient time to discuss activities and projects which is not possible when we have guest speakers.

        This Thursday Membership Chair Ed Powe is scheduled to introduce our newest members and present them with their membership pin and certificate.  Please be present to welcome and get to know  our new members  in the leadership and service ranks of the Kiwanis Club of Frankfort!



 Opening Prayer December 14  will be given by  Fred Troutman.



AND, Next Thursday, December 21,  will be another meeting with  NO  guest speaker.  Instead, it will a day for fun and fellowship featuring some “Kiwanis” trivia—with prizes.



December 28  Speaker will be   Matt Thomas,  a fish biologist with the Kentucky Department  of Fish & Wildlife. ( Dr. Thomas is the son of our Club secretary, Randall Thomas).


Kiwanis Breakfast—Sorry for the error in the time for last Saturday’s Kiwanis breakfast at Cracker Barrel. Despite the confusion,. eleven Kiwanians and one  guest were present for the good food and enjoyable conversations. Thanks Ed Wright for making it happen.


Congratulations & Thanks

Cap City Radio For Bringing Back

Frankfort’s Christmas Parade!!!

     And thanks to the Kiwanis  members who served as volunteers, enabling our Club to have a supportive presence  in reviving this wonderful community event.


On Our Agenda:

December 14: Hearn Elementary School Festival. Kiwanis has been asked to provide volunteers to help serve  food and drinks.  5:30 p.m. Wear  your Kiwanis vest.

December 16:  West Ridge Elementary School Festival.  Kiwanis to cook and serve pancakes.  7:00 a.m. Wear your Kiwanis vest.

December 19: Capital City Activity Center Christmas Lunch.  Volunteers needed to help serve meal. 11:30 a.m. Wear Kiwanis vest.

Tuesday, December 19

“Cram The Crosstrek”

Bring non perishable food items to Capital City Activity Center between  NOW and noon December 19. Collected food  goes to the  Center’s  “Meals On Wheels” program.

This is part  of  Subaru of America’s national program  supporting Meals On Wheels .

Contact  Activity  Center Director Marchele Jenkins  for more details.



Kiwanis in a national organization of volunteers

dedicated  to  improving the world

one child, and one community at a time


November December 7, 2017

head In April...will be:nes.

December 7 Program:

   Nature’s Signs About Our Forth Coming Winter…

     Our guest  speaker this Thursday will be  Phil Case,  journalist and local weather forecaster who will  tell us  what nature reveals about the winter just ahead.

      Many of you know Phil personally, or are familiar with his articles in the State-Journal  about  folklore signs used to predict the weather.

Phil is knowledgeable about  much of the folklore relating to weather forecasting and to gardening by signs of the Zodiac.

    So be present Thursday  to welcome Phil and to hear an entertaining  presentation.


 Opening Prayer December 7 by Randall Thomas.


Future December Meetings…

December 14: No speaker. Second Thursday.

Presentation of new member certificates and pins.

December 21: No speaker. Fellowship and Kiwanis  trivia  with prizes.

December 28:  Speaker:  Matt Thomas, Phd. A fish biologist with the Kentucky Department  of Fish & Wildlife. ( Dr. Thomas is the son of our Club secretary, Randall Thomas).


Frankfort Christmas Parade

Friday, December 8  7:00 p.m.

Sponsored by Cap City Radio

Beginning downtown, traveling up Capitol Avenue  and ending at Capitol. Kiwanis  Club of Frankfort providing parade helpers.


Ed Wright Kiwanis Breakfast

Saturday, December 9

Cracker Barrel   9:00 A.M.

All Kiwanians & Guests invited!!!


     And along with  the Christmas Parade Friday evening and Ed Wright Breakfast Saturday  morning, keep these service projects and meetings in mind…

December 14: Weekly meeting . Be present to  welcome and  get to know new members.

December 14: Hearn Elementary School Festival. 6:00 p.m.  Kiwanis to provide volunteers to help serve food and drinks.

December 16: West Ridge Elementary school Holiday Festival.  7:00 a.m. Kiwanis to cook and serve pancakes.

December 21:  Meeting time devoted to fellowship and “Kiwanis trivia” with prizes to be awarded.

     And a reminder about a previous Capital Kiwanian article:

Good Reading For Club Members-

     Latest issue of the KIWANIS  magazine.

Read about new ways to help grow our Club and ourselves as Kiwanians!!!





Love It!   Share It!   Live It!



November 30, 2017

head In April...will be:nes.

November 30 Weekly Meeting:

       Our speaker will be Lt. Colonel (Ret)  Allen Boone, who is the Director of Veteran Services for the Adanta Group  Behavioral Health Services.

     Allen is a member of American Legion Post 7 where he serves as Service Officer.


Opening Prayer November 30 by Carol Banks.


Board  Of  Directors Meeting

Wednesday, December 6

     The Board of  Directors  will hold  its monthly meeting Wednesday, December 6, at 11:00  a.m. at the Capital City Activity Center.

     Officers, Directors and committee chairs are urged to get any agenda items to Secretary Randy Thomas as soon as possible. Board meetings are open to all  Club members interested in attending.


Still Looking…

  For Club members to step up and volunteer to help with the set up of  sound system at our  weekly meetings, and take down and  put away at the conclusion of program.

    Our goal is to establish a “team” so that the same members will not have to be responsible for seeing that the equipment is in place week after week.

      If you are willing to give some time to this important task  at our  weekly meetings, talk with President Tommy or Administration Committee Chair Fred Troutman.




Ahead In December

Activities & Events

December 3: Kentucky State University Choir will present a concert at South Frankfort Presbyterian Church. 4:00 p.m. Public invited.

December 8: Frankfort Christmas Parade sponsored by  Cap City Radio.7:OO P.M. Kiwanis to provide volunteers.

December 9: Ed Wright Kiwanis Breakfast at Cracker Barrel. 9:00 a.m. All Kiwanians and guest invited.

December 14: Hearn Elementary School Festival. 6:00 p.m.  Kiwanis to provide peanut butter  sandwiches  and serve  chili provided by VFW.

December 16: West Ridge Elementary school Holiday Festival.  7:00 a.m. Kiwanis to cook and serve pancakes.



Good Reading For Club Members-

     Latest issue of the KIWANIS  magazine.

Read about new ways to help grow our Club and ourselves as Kiwanians!!!





Love It!   Share It!   Live It!




This  Week’s  Meeting:


Thursday, November 16:

     Our guest  speaker will be Lieutenant Eunice Gitaw, from the Salvation Army Corps in Frankfort. She will talk about  the  ministerial and outreach services of the Salvation Army in Frankfort and Franklin County.


Greeters Thursday will be Mackendy Alcinvil.

Opening prayer by Roy McCall.



      Will  be a joint meeting with Frankfort Rotary Club on Wednesday, November 22. Noon at Capital Plaza Hotel. ( Details at right)


     On Thursday, November 30, retired Lt. Colonel Allen Boone will round out speakers for November.  Colonel Boone is the Director of Veteran Services for ADANTA.


Opening Prayers Schedule

     The Human & Spiritual Values Committee has named the members who will be offering the opening prayer for our weekly meetings over the  next  several; weeks. The schedule is as follows:

    November 30—Carol Banks; December 7—Randall Thomas; December 14—Fred Troutman;

and December 21-Fred Deaton.

     Any member wishing to have his or her name  added to the opening prayer list, should contact Tommy Haynes or Ron Moore.



Love  It!   Share  It!   Live  It!

Remember To Sign Up—

We Want A  Crowd  Of Kiwanians Present….

 Rotary/Kiwanis Joint Lunch Meeting

November 22, Capital Plaza Hotel

     Kiwanis Club members are reminded that we will  meet  with the Rotary Club on Wednesday, November 22, at noon at the Capital Plaza Hotel.

Cost of the meal is $12.50 and you can pay at the door.  Name badges can be picked up at the door as well.

     Club member and past KT District Governor

Chuck Fletcher will be the speaker. A sign up sheet will be circulated at Thursday’s meeting.  Members not in attendance Thursday   can sign up by emailing : fredwtroutman@gmail.com


Remember Also

   Your Happy Dollars and 50/50 contributions support our Administrative Fund…

     Christmas Parade December 8 sponsored by Cap City Radio. Kiwanis asked to provide volunteers…

     West Ridge Elementary School Holiday Festival December 16. Kiwanis again cooking and serving free pancakes.

     Volunteer to help set up and take down the sound system each week.  Talk with President Tommy…Training  provided…Give those few who do it week after week  a break..

     Think about someone who has not been at a weekly meeting for some time…text…email or call him or her…AND  while at it, think about

Kiwanis Club of Frankfort

Capital Kiwanian

November 2, 2017


Editor’s Note:   Due to a computer problem, you will not receive your usual Capital Kiwanian.  Hopefully, this  limited edition will help you to be informed about essential Club happenings.


This Thursday’s MeetingSpeaker:  Gary Muller, Director, Frankfort Planning & Zoning .   GREETERS==Melissa Eaton and Kimball Bruckner Owner of  The Fix Computer Store.  Opening Prayer: Dianne Cobb.

NEXT Thursday, November 9, is the second Thursday. No speaker. Business roundtable.


PANCAKE  BreakfastLast Saturday’s Pancake Breakfast was on par with those of past years. Excellent crowd…great food and wonderful time for community fellowship.

   Income will be announced when all monies are in and bills paid.


This Friday, November 3:


OK for CASA Chili Luncheon

11:00 a.m.—1:30 p.m.

VFW  Second St. & Capitol Avenue


October 19, 2017



This Week’s Meeting                          

Thursday, October 19:

      Our speaker will be Wayne Briscoe, Chief of the Frankfort Fire & Emergency Medical Service.

     Chief Briscoe will discuss fire safety in our homes and businesses and give us an update on  the department over which he recently assumed command.

    Let’s have good attendance present   Thursday to welcome Chief  Briscoe  as he talks about and represents this vital community service  agency!


   Thursday’s GreetersMo Shands & Steve Stewart.

Opening Prayer-Ed Wright.


October 26 Speaker: Matt Noel, telling “Story of Drug Addiction To Recovery,”

     Opening Prayer: Randal Thomas.


Calling All Kiwanians!!!

Remember Pancake Breakfast

Saturday, October 28.

Sell tickets…Help distribute tickets to members who cannot attend weekly meetings…Plan to help work at the breakfast…

     A successful Pancake Breakfast will help ensure our continued work with children and youth in Frankfort and Franklin County. Every  ticket we  each sell or  purchase will  make  a difference!


Kiwanis is more than “just a club”—

It is a commitment to service!


Kiwanis:   Love  It   Share  It   Live  It



“Service-Outreach Happenings”

This Thursday Evening

October  19


Halloween Party

Capital City Activity Center

4:45 P.M.


Costumes Optional

Several Club members have volunteered…more are needed.  Be at Center by 4:45.



Franklin  County Health Department

Drive Thru Flu Clinic

Lakeview Park

6:00 p.m.—8:00 p.m.

Kiwanis volunteers report by 5:00 p.m .

Park in lot nearest Pavilion.


Junior Achievement: Kiwanis

Volunteers Again Requested

     We again have great opportunity to share with students in the classroom to talk with them about citizenship, government and  other things in our community. I need nine Kiwanians to help in our elementary  schools.  I must hear from you by this Thursday, October 19, or the door to this opportunity will be closed.

     Classes run 30-45 minutes and training for volunteers will be given. Last year’s five  class presentations were a great experience. Call me at (502) 803-1967 or email me at rauisin@aol.com if you are interested in helping, Chuck Fletcher



October 5, 2017


Weekly Meeting                          

Thursday, October 5

Our speaker will Club President-elect Marchele Jenkins,  who as most members know, is Executive Director of the Capital City Activity Center.

   Yes, that name  of the Center is correct even thought this editor often falls back to the former name of  “Senior Activity Center.”

    So, be here Thursday to learn why the name change, along with the many other exciting changes and innovations/renovations  that have taken place or will be taking place  at the  “Capital City Activity Center”.


And Remaining October Meetings…

October 12:  No speaker. Second Thursday business session.

October 19: Speaker—Wayne Briscoe,  Chief of Frankfort Fire & EMS.

October 16: Speaker—Matt Noel,  Story Of Drug  Addiction  To Recovery.


And New For Weekly Meetings…

    Listed below are Club  members who will be offering the opening prayer for weekly meetings in the  month of October:

     October 5—Marchele Jenkins. October 12—

Ron Moore. October 19—Ed Wright. October 26—Randall Thomas.

     From this time  forward., the names of those offering opening prayer  at weekly meetings will be published in the Capital Kiwanian a month in advance. Any member who wishes to be included on the opening prayer list is asked to check with Ron Moore or Tommy Haynes..


Board of Directors Meeting

October 4, 11:00  a.m. Capital City Activity  Center.

The Annual One & Only…

Kiwanis Club of Frankfort

Pancake Breakfast

October 28

First Christian Church

This is a Club project in which each of us  can take part.  TICKETS are  ready  to be picked up and sold for  $5.00  each.  Cheap way to treat family members or friends to a great break.


On Our Calendar…

October 4:Board of Directors meeting. 11:00 a.m. Capital City Activity Center.

October 19: Franklin County Health Department annual drive thru flu shot clinic. Lakeview Park.

6:00 p.m.—8:00 p.m. Kiwanis to help collect and deliver food to Food Pantry.

October 28:   Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast. First

Christian Church. Serving 7:00 a.m.—Noon.

Kitchen crew report  6:00 a.m.

November 3: Ninth Annual OK for CASA Chili Luncheon. 11:00 a.m.—1:30 p.m. VFW. Second Street & Capitol Avenue.

November 11—Veterans Day

November 22—Joint meeting with  Frankfort  Rotary Club. Noon. Capital  Plaza Hotel,

November 23—Thanksgiving Day



Weekly  Greeters: As many of  you remember, we have from time to time asked Club members to serve as greeters.  Membership Chair Ed Powe is working on  a new plan whereby we will have two greeters at the door  each Thursday.

     When implemented,  the list  of greeters and their respective dates to serve will be published in  the Capital Kiwanian ( as we are doing with those  offering the opening prayer ).)


Frankfort Kiwanis Club meets at noon every Thursday
The Office Pub and Deli
614 Comanche Trail
Frankfort, KY 40601

Take a look at our Facebook page for photos and details of our service to to the youth of Frankfort and Franklin County

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